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Model: 3-2400-B20
Nhãn hàng: Wildco
Hãng sản xuất: Wild Supply Company (thuộc Science First company) - Mỹ


1.      Tính năng kỹ thuật:
-          For deep water over 100 meters
-          For fauna at water/bottom interfaces
-          Can be free-dropped up to 10 m (33’)
-          In medium or heavy-duty versions
-          Unrestricted flow, little bottom disturbance
-          Messenger closing for more control
-          Parts interchangeable with Wildco® corers
-          This design incorporates improvements by Dr. R. O. Brinkhurst, Institute of Ocean Sciences, specifically for obtaining quantitative samples of fast-moving Tubificidae. Because the valve is locked open during descent, there is minimal frontal wave and minimal warning to fauna at the water/bottom interface. It is messenger-operated and is under your full control: you can keep the K-B® open until you are sure you have a sample. The heavy K-B® affords better penetration. Units are also available without carry cases.
2.      Specifications:
-          Medium units weigh 7 kg (15 lb.) and include:
·         316 stainless steel head assembly
·         20” long 316 SS or clear PVC core tube
·         45-B10 messenger, 61-B14 (100’) cable, carry case
-          Liner-type kits include: 2 nosepieces (2449-A11); 2 clear CAB liners with caps (2447-C21); 3 eggshell catchers (2449-B13)


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