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Hãng sản xuất: KC Denmark
Xuất xứ: Đan Mạch


- General:  The horizontal Van Dorn water sampler is intended for taking water samples near the bottom in lakes, streams, or in stratified water bodies. The water sampler is based on the Van Dorn design.
The sampler is made of a sturdy transparent acrylic tube and has a double releaser, activated by a drop messenger. The release system is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel.

  • The water sampler comes with a standard, non-Mercury thermometer, with a temperature range between - 10 and + 60 degrees oC (1 degree indications on the scale).
  • When the 2 rubber end covers are released, they are held together by a rubber strap.

  • All Van Dorn models have been re-designed for better performance and now the steering fins are integrated into the sampler, ensuring a better stabilization in flowing water.

Available sizes:
  • The water sampler comes in 3 sizes, 2 - 3 or 5 litres. All samplers are equipped with integrated direction fins for stabilization in flowing water.
  • 11.100 - Van Dorn 2,0 litres11.100 - Van Dorn 2,0 litres  11.200 - Van Dorn 3,0 litres11.200 - Van Dorn 3,0 litres  11.300 - Van Dorn 5,0 litres11.300 - Van Dorn 5,0 litres 

Drop messenger:
  • Brass, 500 g, is included. used on a Ø5mm line.

  • Polyester lines, Ø5 mm can be supplied as unmarked line or marked each meter. Please see our section for lines and handwinches.

Thông tin đặt hàng:

Ordering No.
2,0 litres, incl. steering fins and drop messenger:

3,0 litres, incl. steering fins and drop messenger:

5,0 litres, incl. steering fins and drop messenger:

2,0 litres
3,0 litres
5,0 litres
Diameter of tube (O.D./I.D.):
Drop messenger brass:
500 g
500 g
500 g
450 mm
580 mm
830 mm
Total weight:
4,4 kg
5,1 kg
7,2 kg


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